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Inspired by travels to South East Asia, tasting different foods from everyday street food vendors to upscale eateries.
Toly & Tien realising their passion and love for tasty and affordable eating finally decided to open their own catering business.

After starting a degree in business Toly recognised her passion for cooking and creating fine food made a change in her career path to a degree in Hospitality management to combine her passion for Vietnamese food with her experience already gained in hospitality.
Now after nearly two decades of experience behind her Toly is creating flavours and food that has been described by one happy customer
“ OMG your food is so delicious!
Seriously it’s the best thing I have ever tasted”.

Tien having grown up working beside his parent's in their award winning Restaurant for nearly three decades has vast experience with traditional flavours from family recipes.
Together they have embarked on a new adventure where they can embrace the knowledge gained over the years to achieve their goal of bringing great healthy, tasty, fresh food to their customers.
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Gluttony 2023

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OzAsia 2022

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Sounds by The River

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Lucky Dumpling 2022

Email: Tolygourmet@gmail.com

Mobile 0405 715574